How Many Copywriters Are There in The World? (2024)

31 December 2023

The demand for good copy has grown to be higher than ever before.

With that, the number of copywriters trying to get a piece of the pie also has increased.

In this up-to-date article, we’ll cover approximately how many copywriters there are in the world and 5 more copywriting statistics you might not have heard before.

Let’s not waste any time and get straight to the point!

Top 5 Copywriting Statistics

In the following sections, we’ll cover 5 of the most important copywriting statistics.

From the estimated number of copywriters worldwide and their average salary to the percentage of those copywriters who are freelancers.

Here they are:

1. How Many Copywriters Are There in The World?

What we know:

Currently, in the U.S., there are approximately 131,200 employed copywriters with about 4,536+ of those copywriters being freelancers.

Remember that this number is forecasted to grow by 7.6% between 2016 and 2026.

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Fun Fact:

California has the biggest amount of copywriters out of any other U.S. state with about 7,990 employed copywriters.

London houses approximately 5,000 copywriters in the United Kingdom, with an estimated one-third operating as freelancers.

However, data for regions outside of London is less comprehensive.

What we estimate:

While we know a bit about a couple of the biggest countries, the data is quite limited outside of those two countries.

However, studies have estimated that there are around 1.2 billion freelancers in the world (Which is actually a lot more than I thought) and about 17% of freelancers in the UK and USA specialize in writing and content services.

Freelance Statistics 2021 5

Source: EliteContentMarketer

If we extend this to the rest of the world, we might have around 204 million people in this category, including a portion who work as copywriters.

Overall, if you’re here to find the estimated number of worldwide copywriters, it would be fair to guess that there are around 204 million.

2. Distribution of Copywriters Globally

Copywriters are spread across the globe in different ways, and it all ties back to a few key factors.

Think about places with strong economies and bustling advertising industries – that’s where you’ll find a higher concentration of copywriters.

North America, Western Europe, and certain parts of Asia, like bees to honey, attract a significant number of these creative professionals. The United States, in particular, stands out as a major hub for top-notch copywriting talent.

Yet, here’s the twist: thanks to the magic of the internet, freelance copywriters can set up shop and work their word wizardry from just about anywhere.

This means you might stumble upon copywriting brilliance even in regions not traditionally associated with the profession.

In this segment, we’ll delve deeper into the fascinating global landscape of where copywriters call home, uncovering the unique blend of factors that shapes their distribution across the world.

3. Average Copywriters Salary

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Image Source: Indeed

When it comes to how much copywriters make, it depends on a few things like where they work and how much experience they have.

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Image Source:

In the United States, the yearly pay is usually around $55,438, and in the United Kingdom, it’s around £34,996.

But if you’re a freelance copywriter, you might get paid by the hour, anywhere from $25 to $150, depending on your skills.

Or other copywriters may even choose to pay per piece of copy. For example, they might charge $200 per email and sell it in packages for businesses at a discount.

These seem to be the most popular ways to price your writing as a copywriter in this day and age.

Keep in mind, these numbers can change based on your experience and the kind of writing you do.

4. Percentage of Freelance Copywriters

In the United States, out of around 131,200 copywriters, about 4,536 are freelancers.

If we look at that in terms of percentages, it means roughly 3.46% of copywriters in the U.S. are freelancers.

To get this number we simply divided both numbers and than x the result by 100.

Which to be honest is a lot lower than I thought.

This insight not only sheds light on the diversity within the copywriting community but also highlights the appeal of freelancing in a world where words are the currency of communication.

5. Average Copywriters Age

Finding the average age of copywriters is a bit like searching for treasure in a big, diverse jungle.

Copywriters, the folks who create cool words for a living, can be anywhere from their early twenties to their fifties and even beyond.

However, the approximate age of a copywriter in the US is a surprising 41 years old.

They’re like a mix of newcomers just starting and seasoned pros who’ve been doing this for a while.

Now, imagine this mix as a colorful puzzle where everyone, no matter their age, brings something special to the table.

It’s tough to pinpoint an exact average age because copywriters are like a big, varied family with different stories and experiences.

The Future of Copywriting

In the world of writing words that convert, things are changing fast. Copywriting, the art of crafting messages, is entering a new era. Let’s take a peek into what’s coming and how these changes will shape the way we share stories and ideas.

1. AI Joins the Writing Party: Making Things Easier

Imagine a robot joining the writing party – that’s AI in copywriting. It’s like having a smart friend who can do some of the work, making writing faster and letting writers focus on being creative.

This change not only makes writing easier but also opens up new possibilities for trying out cool ideas on digital platforms, making messages stand out in the crowd.

2. Personal Writing, Just for You

In the future, messages will become super personal. Writers will know you so well (thanks to data), they’ll create messages that feel like they’re just for you.

It’s like having a friend who knows you really well, making messages more interesting and friendly. This shift towards hyper-personalization builds stronger connections between brands and people, making communication more meaningful.

3. More than Just Words: Writing with Pictures and Sounds

Writers are breaking free from just using words. They’re exploring videos, podcasts, and interactive stuff. It’s like going beyond books and using all kinds of fun things to tell stories.

This multimedia approach adds layers to storytelling, making messages more exciting for everyone. Copywriters are not just wordsmiths but storytellers embracing visual, auditory, and interactive dimensions.

4. Making Google Like Us: Writing for the Internet

Getting noticed on the internet is like a big game. Writers need to learn the rules so Google likes them. It’s not just about writing well; it’s about making Google notice.

The future means writers have to be creative and smart to get attention online. This involves a holistic approach where creativity and technical savvy collaborate to create a successful digital presence.

5. Being Honest and Good: Writing with Values

In a world where people care about good and honest stuff, writers need to be clear and honest in what they write. The future is about writing with values, ensuring that everything is not just interesting but also the right thing to say.

This ethical imperative transforms copywriting into a responsible and conscious practice, where every word carries persuasive power and a profound sense of accountability.


That’s it for “How Many Copywriters Are There in The World? (2024)”.

Thanks for sticking to the end!

Overall, the number of copywriters in the world is estimated to be around 204 million, with around 131,200 copywriters in the U.S., featuring 4,536 freelancers.

Key hubs include California and London, with the U.S. anticipating a 7.6% growth in copywriters between 2016 and 2026.

While the distribution is concentrated in North America, Western Europe, and select parts of Asia, the rise of freelancers extends the reach of copywriting globally.

This dynamic landscape presents an exciting evolution, as copywriters embrace new technologies, pricing models, and ethical considerations in shaping the future of communication.

Thanks again for making it to the end of this article and good luck on your copywriting journey!

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