13 Best Email Forwarding Services in 2024(Free & Paid)

Updated 17 December 2023

Are you tired of managing multiple email accounts and wish there was a way to streamline your communication?

Look no further! In this blog post, we’re diving into the world of email forwarding services – those magical tools that can simplify your inbox chaos and boost your productivity.

Whether you’re seeking free options or are willing to invest in premium features, I’ve compiled a list of the 13 best email forwarding services of 2024that will cater to your specific needs.

But hey, I won’t keep you waiting; here are my top three recommendations for those who like to cut straight to the point:

Let’s embark on this journey together and find the perfect email forwarding solution tailored just for you!

What is an Email Forwarding Service?

Before we dive into the best email forwarding services of 2024, let’s understand what they actually are. An email forwarding service is a nifty tool that allows you to redirect emails from one address to another.

Essentially, it acts as a middleman between your various email accounts, channeling incoming messages to a designated destination. This smart solution can prove invaluable, particularly if you juggle multiple email addresses for work, personal use, or specific projects.

How Does It Work?

The working principle of email forwarding services is simple yet powerful. When an email is sent to your primary email address, the forwarding service immediately redirects it to another address of your choice.

This destination could be an entirely different email account or even a mailing list. The process happens seamlessly in the background, sparing you the hassle of logging into different accounts to check your messages. With this time-saving mechanism, you can efficiently manage all your communications from a central hub.

Why Do You Need an Email Forwarding Service?

Wondering why email forwarding services have gained immense popularity? Well, they cater to a variety of needs that many individuals and businesses encounter.

One of the most common reasons people use these services is to consolidate their emails. Rather than monitoring multiple accounts, a forwarding service centralizes all incoming messages, simplifying email management.

Why Should You Use One

But why should you bother with an email forwarding service? Imagine having all your messages in one place, accessible with just a few clicks. No more logging in and out of various accounts, no more missed important emails.

By utilizing a reliable email forwarding service, you can streamline your communication process, increase productivity, and regain control over your inbox.

So, whether you’re a freelancer, a business owner, or an active individual with multiple email addresses, implementing an email forwarding service can be a game-changer in managing your digital correspondence. Now, let’s move on to exploring the best email forwarding services of 2024!

13 Best Email Forwarding Services

Now for the part, you’re really here for – the best email forwarding services!

Each of these services excels in providing seamless email redirection and efficient management.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the top 13 email forwarding services that will elevate your inbox experience!

1. Mailgun

Mailgun - the best email forwarding service in 2023.

Mailgun, founded in 2010, is a game-changing transactional email service provider tailored for software developers. With its robust APIs, Mailgun enables seamless sending, receiving, and tracking of bulk emails, unlocking powerful email marketing features not found in traditional email clients like Google and Outlook.

Key Features

Mailgun has many great features to help you enhance your business’s potential:

  • Sending Messages: Effortlessly send emails with prompt delivery and reliability.
  • Tracking Messages: Stay informed with robust open, click, bounce, and delivery tracking.
  • Receiving, Forwarding, and Storing Messages: Simplify email management with effortless forwarding and secure storage.
  • Email Verification: Ensure the accuracy of your email list with reliable address verification.
  • Inbox Placement: Maximize deliverability and land your emails in the right inboxes for optimal reach.


2023 07 31 1

Explore Mailgun’s excellence with a free trial service for a month, providing 5,000 free emails, email tracking and analytics, detailed documentation, and 24/7 ticket support.

After the trial, choose from these premium plans:

  • Trial: Starting at $0/month for 5,000 emails/month included.
  • Foundation: Starting at $35/month for 50,000 emails/month included.
  • Scale: Starting at $90/month for 100,000 emails/month included.
  • Custom: Tailor your plan for personalized business needs.

Try the Mailgun Free Trial!

Pros and Cons

Here are some of Mailguns pros and cons.


  • Seamless email management
  • Powerful email tracking
  • Reliable support
  • API-driven efficiency


  • May be costly for a limited email volume

Overall Thoughts

Mailgun shines as a leading email API service, offering exceptional performance in sending, validating, and receiving emails at scale. Its advanced features and robust support make it an excellent choice for developers and businesses seeking to optimize their email communication. Embrace Mailgun’s prowess and revolutionize your email management today!

2. Forward Email

2023 08 01

Forward Email hailed as one of the best email forwarding services, is an open-source platform established in 2017. This secure solution caters to businesses, developers, and creators, prioritizing online security by not storing any emails or chat logs. With unlimited disposable email addresses and phishing protection, Forward Email keeps your inbox safe from spam and malicious messages.

Key Features

Forward Email offers an array of powerful features to elevate your email experience:

  • Unlimited Domains and Aliases: Create unlimited disposable email addresses to manage different accounts effortlessly.
  • Spam Protection: Safeguard your inbox from unwanted spam and phishing attempts.
  • Send Mail As with Gmail: Seamlessly send emails from your regular inbox under a chosen alias.
  • Regular Expression Filtering: Customize email routing with flexible filtering options.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security: Benefit from top-tier security features, protecting against phishing, malware, viruses, and more.


2023 08 01 3

Forward Email ensures accessibility with a free plan offering essential features like unlimited domains, aliases, and spam protection.

Here are their different pricing options for you to choose from:

  • Free: $0/month
  • Enhanced: For $3/month, enjoy advanced features, secure inbox privacy, outbound SMTP email, and developer API access.
  • Team: Priced at $9/month, this plan caters to group use with unlimited team members, priority support, and early access to new features.

Try the Free Version!

Pros and Cons

Forward Email brings impressive advantages, backed by a commitment to security and transparency. However, it may have some feature limitations based on the chosen plan.


  • Comprehensive security measures.
  • Open-source software for transparency.
  • Versatile plans for different user requirements.
  • No price increases.


  • Some features are only available in higher-tier plans.

Overall Thoughts

Forward Email impresses with its commitment to online security and extensive email management features. Being open-source software ensures transparency and trust, making it an excellent choice for users seeking robust protection and convenience.

The option for unlimited domains and aliases, along with the promise of no price increases, adds significant value to this top-notch email forwarding service. Whether you’re a business professional or an individual, Forward Email delivers a reliable and secure platform to manage your email communications effectively.

3. ImprovMX

2023 08 01 4

ImprovMX, a popular choice among users, boasts a “lightning-fast” email forwarding service that ensures prompt message redirection. With the ability to send mail to multiple addresses and set up a “catch-all” alias, no important message is missed, and everything is efficiently redirected to your domain.

Key Features

ImprovMX simplifies email forwarding with its remarkable features:

  • Lightning-Fast Delivery: Experience swift email forwarding for seamless communication.
  • Catch-All Alias: Avoid missing any messages as all emails are redirected to your domain.
  • Free Plan Benefits: The free plan accommodates 25 aliases/domains with a 10MB attachment limit, making it ideal for businesses managing small projects.


2023 08 01 5

ImprovMX offers flexible pricing options tailored to different user requirements, ensuring accessibility for businesses of all sizes. The service provides a free plan, allowing users to enjoy basic forwarding benefits without any financial commitment.

Here are their different pricing options for you to choose from:

  • Free: $0 (Obviously)
  • Premium: $9/month
  • Business: $49/ month

Try the Free Version!

Pros and Cons

ImprovMX delivers impressive benefits, from swift delivery to reliable 24/7 online support. However, some users may face challenges with emails occasionally ending up in spam folders.


  • Free to use for a small amount of forwarding.
  • Super-fast delivery.
  • 24/7 online support.


  • Emails sometimes end up in spam folders.

Overall Thoughts

ImprovMX stands out with its user-friendly interface and effortless setup, eliminating the need for registration. It caters well to smaller projects with its free plan and swift email forwarding.

However, those requiring forwarding to multiple destinations may find that higher-tier plans are more suitable. Embrace ImprovMX’s seamless service for efficient email management and enjoy the benefits of lightning-fast delivery and reliable support.

4. Pobox

2023 08 01 6

Pobox, established in 1995, offers privacy-focused email solutions that cater to users seeking ultimate control over their emails. It provides smart filters to safeguard your account from spam trigger words and fraudulent messages, ensuring a “lifetime email” experience for your domain or a Pobox-provided one.

Key Features

Pobox stands out with its impressive features tailored to enhance your email experience:

  • Email for Life: Obtain an address that remains constant, whether on your domain or one provided by Pobox.
  • A Robust Inbox: The Mailstore offers a Pobox email Inbox with an extensive 50GB storage capacity, accessible via webmail, IMAP, or POP.
  • The Human Touch: Benefit from personalized customer service, focusing on resolving issues promptly.
  • Smart Filtering: Customize spam protection to fit your comfort level, with the option to block mail and receive push notifications before they reach your inbox.
  • Say Goodbye to Spam: Tailor spam protection to your preferences, putting you in control of what reaches your inbox.
  • Flexibility at Its Core: Pobox accounts offer a host of flexible features, empowering you to optimize your email workflow.


2023 08 01 7

Pobox offers three distinct plans, catering to various user needs:

  • Pobox Basic: Priced at $20/year, this plan provides essential email forwarding features to get you started.
  • Pobox Plus: For $35/year, enjoy enhanced features and benefits, taking your email experience to the next level.
  • Mailstore (Most Popular): Priced at $50/year, the Mailstore plan includes an extensive 50GB storage capacity for your Pobox email Inbox, accessible via webmail, IMAP, or POP.

Pros and Cons

Pobox delivers outstanding features, ensuring your email experience remains secure and hassle-free. However, users should note that the Mailstore plan can only forward emails to 5 destinations simultaneously.


  • Lifetime email solution for domain or Pobox-provided address.
  • Robust 50GB Mailstore Inbox accessible via webmail, IMAP, or POP.
  • Personalized customer service.
  • Smart filtering and spam protection customization.


  • Mailstore plan is limited to forwarding emails to 5 destinations at once.

Overall Thoughts

Pobox has proven its commitment to email privacy and security since its inception in 1995. The ability to set smart filters, the Mailstore’s extensive storage capacity, and personalized customer service make Pobox a worthy choice for users seeking complete control over their emails.

While the Mailstore plan’s forwarding limitation may be a consideration for some, the overall flexibility and robustness of Pobox accounts make it an excellent option to optimize your email workflow and safeguard your digital correspondence.

5. DuoCircle

2023 08 01 8

Discover the power of DuoCircle, a comprehensive suite of email services designed to boost productivity and ensure efficient message delivery to your intended recipients.

Whether you’re a business professional or an organization, DuoCircle provides you with a seamless and reliable email forwarding solution.

Key Features

With DuoCircle, you gain access to a host of powerful email forwarding services:

  • Unlimited Email Aliases: Create as many aliases as you need, streamlining your communication.
  • Multi-Account Forwarding: Forward emails to up to 10 different accounts effortlessly.
  • Forwarding Groups: Send emails to multiple recipients using convenient forwarding groups.
  • Compatibility with Hosted Email Systems: Seamlessly forward emails on other hosted email platforms like Gmail or Office 365.
  • Activity Logs: Verify email forwarding to destination addresses for added peace of mind.
  • Spam Filtering: Enjoy protection from phishing attempts, spam, and malware.
  • 24/7 Support: Rely on chat, email, and phone support round-the-clock for prompt assistance.


2023 08 01 9

While DuoCircle may come with a higher price tag, its offerings are worth the investment for businesses seeking top-notch email services. The pricing options include:

  • 3-Month Plan: $32
  • 6-Month Plan: $76
  • Yearly Plan: $135

Pros and Cons

Make an informed decision with DuoCircle’s pros and cons:


  • Unlimited Email Aliases: Organize and manage your communication effortlessly.
  • Protection from Phishing and Spam: Safeguard your inbox from malicious threats.
  • No Need for a Mail Server: Enjoy hassle-free email forwarding without maintaining a mail server.


  • Premium Pricing: While feature-rich, the service is priced on the length of time required, which may be perceived as costly.

Overall Thoughts

DuoCircle delivers an exceptional suite of email forwarding services that ensure optimal productivity and message delivery. The ability to create unlimited email aliases, protection from phishing and spam, and seamless forwarding on other platforms make DuoCircle an attractive choice for businesses.

Despite its higher pricing, the benefits it offers outweigh the cost for enterprises seeking top-tier email solutions. Whether you opt for the 3-month, 6-month, or yearly plan, DuoCircle’s powerful features and dedicated support make it an investment well worth considering.

6. Mailtie

2023 08 01 10 e1690863304871

Discover Mailtie, the free email forwarding service designed by Devro Labs to boost email productivity and streamline your communication process.

Mailtie simplifies the setup process – no account creation required. Just add a few TXT and MX records to your DNS management system, and you’re ready to go.

Key features

Mailtie offers a range of powerful email forwarding services, including:

  • Forwarding to Single or Multiple Email Accounts: Easily forward emails to one or multiple email addresses for efficient communication.
  • Domain Name Forwarding: Seamlessly forward emails to another domain name for added flexibility.
  • Single Email Address Forwarding: Forward a single email address to one external email or multiple addresses for better organization.
  • Auto Response Configuration: Set up auto-responses for single or all incoming emails to ensure prompt communication.
  • Disable Delivery: Control email delivery by disabling specific email addresses.


Mailtie is a free email forwarding service, offering unlimited aliases, catch-alls, multiple recipients, wildcards, and auto-responses without any cost.

  • Free: $0: Mailtie offers its email forwarding service for free, providing users with a cost-effective solution for managing and centralizing multiple email accounts.

Pros and Cons

Evaluate the benefits and limitations of Mailtie:


  • Free Service: Enjoy Mailtie’s powerful features without any subscription fees.
  • Versatile Email Forwarding: Utilize unlimited aliases, catch-alls, and auto-responses for improved communication.
  • User-Friendly Setup: Easy configuration through DNS record management.


  • Limited Email Sending Capability: While Mailtie handles forwarding seamlessly, it does not allow sending emails directly from its platform.
  • Visibility of Destination Address: Keep in mind that the DNS record will contain the destination address.

Overall Thoughts

Mailtie is an excellent option for those seeking a free and efficient email forwarding service. Devro Labs’ commitment to innovative products is evident in Mailtie’s user-friendly setup and versatile forwarding options.

With unlimited aliases, catch-alls, multiple recipients, wildcards, and auto-responses, Mailtie offers a free, robust email management solution. While it lacks direct email-sending capability and reveals the destination address in DNS records, its benefits make it a worthy choice for individuals and businesses.

Combine Mailtie with an alias in Gmail for comprehensive email management and enjoy a streamlined communication experience.

7. Gmail

2023 08 01 11

Gmail, the widely acclaimed email forwarding provider with 1.8 billion active users globally, needs no introduction. Powered by Google, Gmail offers a free and user-friendly email forwarding service, making it a top choice for individuals and businesses alike.

Key features

Gmail boasts a range of convenient features, including:

  • Simple Setup: Effortlessly forward emails from your Gmail account.
  • Automatic Forwarding: Set up automatic forwarding to send selected emails to a specific address.
  • Email Filters: Utilize Gmail’s email filters to manage and organize incoming messages efficiently.
  • Privacy and Verification: Gmail values privacy and verifies destination accounts to ensure secure forwarding and prevent unauthorized access to personal data.


Gmail’s email forwarding service is available for free, making it an attractive option for users worldwide.

  • Free: 0$

Pros and Cons

Consider the advantages and limitations of using Gmail for email forwarding:


  • Widely Used: With 1.8 billion active users, Gmail is a popular and reliable email service.
  • User-Friendly Interface: It’s easy format and accessible settings make it a convenient choice for all users.
  • Automatic Email Forwarding: Set up automatic forwarding to save time and forward chosen emails effortlessly.
  • Privacy and Security: Gmail prioritizes user privacy and verifies destination accounts to ensure data protection.


  • Limited Email Forwarding Group Option: Gmail lacks the ability to create email forwarding groups for multiple recipients.

Overall Thoughts

Gmail stands as a dominant player in the email forwarding arena, boasting an impressive user base and a reputation for reliability. Its user-friendly interface and automatic forwarding option make it a hassle-free choice for managing emails.

While it may not offer email forwarding groups, Gmail compensates with robust filtering features that help users stay organized. The focus on privacy and security sets Gmail apart, ensuring that forwarded emails remain protected from unauthorized access.

For those looking for a well-rounded email forwarding service, Gmail is a top contender that delivers convenience, efficiency, and the backing of Google’s reputation.

8. Cloudflare

2023 08 01 13

Cloudflare, known for its web performance and security services, has introduced its new email routing service, currently in private beta. This service is entirely free for domains hosted on Cloudflare, allowing users to create custom email addresses for their domain and route incoming emails to their desired mailboxes. Additionally, Cloudflare supports catch-all addresses, giving users the flexibility to forward emails to destination addresses.

Key features

Cloudflare’s email routing service offers the following key features:

  • Free Email Routing: Enjoy email routing capabilities at no cost for domains hosted on Cloudflare.
  • Custom Email Addresses: Create custom email addresses that align with your domain.
  • Mailbox Routing: Easily route incoming emails to your preferred mailboxes.
  • Catch-All Address: Set up a catch-all address to forward emails to designated destination addresses.


2023 08 01 12

Cloudflare’s email routing service is currently available for free during its private beta phase.

  • Free: $0

Pros and Cons

Consider the advantages and limitations of using Cloudflare’s email routing service:


  • Free of Charge: Cloudflare’s email routing service is free for domains hosted on their platform.
  • Custom Email Addresses: Create personalized email addresses for your domain.
  • Efficient Mailbox Routing: Easily manage incoming emails by routing them to your preferred mailboxes.
  • Catch-All Address: Benefit from the flexibility of forwarding emails to designated destination addresses.


  • Limited Sending and Replying: Currently, Cloudflare’s email routing service does not support sending or replying from your Cloudflare domain.

Overall Thoughts

Cloudflare’s email routing service presents a promising solution for users with domains hosted on their platform. The ability to create custom email addresses and efficiently route incoming emails add value to their existing services. While the service is free during its private beta, users should consider its limitations, notably the lack of support for sending or replying from the Cloudflare domain.

As Cloudflare refines its email routing offering, it has the potential to become a valuable addition to its suite of web performance and security solutions, benefiting users seeking free and reliable email forwarding options.

9. FowardMX

2023 08 01 14 1 e1690865587260

ForwardMX, a Singapore-based organization, is dedicated to providing top-notch email-forwarding solutions tailored to meet your business needs.

Key features:

ForwardMX offers the following key features across its plans:

  • Unlimited Email Forwarding: Enjoy the freedom to forward an unlimited number of emails.
  • Flexible Plans: Choose from three different plans with slight variations in the number of allowed domains and domain aliases per account.
  • SMTP Access: Benefit from SMTP access to easily send emails.
  • Unlimited Team Members: Collaborate seamlessly with unlimited team members.


2023 08 01 15 1 e1690865613515

ForwardMX offers three distinct pricing plans:

  • Starter: Priced at $60/year, this plan allows up to a specified number of domains and domain aliases per account.
  • Pro: For $99/year, the Pro plan includes an increased number of domains and domain aliases compared to the Starter plan.
  • Business: At $179/year, the Business plan provides additional allowances for domains and domain aliases.

Pros and Cons

Consider the advantages and limitations of using ForwardMX’s email-forwarding services:


  • Affordable Plans: ForwardMX offers cost-effective plans suitable for small to medium-sized businesses.
  • Unlimited Email Forwarding: Enjoy the convenience of forwarding an unlimited number of emails.
  • SMTP Access: Benefit from SMTP access for smooth email sending.
  • Team Collaboration: Collaborate effectively with unlimited team members.


  • Limited Plan Variations: While ForwardMX offers flexibility in the number of domains and domain aliases, the range of plan variations may be limited.

Overall Thoughts

ForwardMX provides a reliable and budget-friendly email-forwarding solution for businesses seeking to streamline their forwarding rules. With plans starting at $60 a year, it caters to small businesses and entrepreneurs who need to manage multiple domains and aliases efficiently.

The option for unlimited email forwarding and SMTP access ensures seamless communication within your team and with clients. ForwardMX’s commitment to delivering quality email-forwarding services makes it a compelling choice for businesses looking to enhance their email management practices.

10. NameCheap

2023 08 01 16 e1690865648305

Namecheap, a prominent domain hosting website, provides users with a free and convenient email forwarding service.

Key features

NameCheap’s email forwarding service comes with the following key features:

  • Personalized Email Address: Create a personalized email address for your domain, adding a touch of professionalism to your communication.
  • Free Email Forwarding: Any incoming emails to your domain’s email address are seamlessly forwarded to your chosen email address at no cost.
  • Multiple Forwarding Addresses: With Namecheap, you can create up to 100 forwarding email addresses on BasicDNS, PremiumDNS, and FreeDNS name servers.


Namecheap’s email forwarding service is available for free to users, making it a cost-effective solution for individuals and businesses alike.

  • Free: $0

Pros and Cons

Consider the advantages and potential drawbacks of using Namecheap’s email forwarding service:


  • Free Service: Namecheap’s email forwarding is offered at no cost, making it a budget-friendly option.
  • Professional Communication: Create a personalized email address associated with your domain, enhancing your professional image.
  • Multiple Forwarding Addresses: Enjoy the flexibility of setting up multiple forwarding email addresses on different name servers.


  • Limited Features: While Namecheap’s email forwarding service is free and reliable, it may lack some advanced features offered by paid email forwarding providers.

Overall Thoughts

Namecheap’s email forwarding service is an excellent choice for individuals and businesses seeking a simple and cost-effective solution to manage email communication for their domain.

With the ability to create personalized email addresses and forward messages seamlessly to preferred email accounts, Namecheap ensures a professional and efficient communication process.

Moreover, the option to create multiple forwarding addresses adds flexibility to your email management. While it may lack some advanced features available in premium services, Namecheap’s free offering is ideal for those looking for basic and reliable email forwarding for their domain.

11. Email Forward.MX

2023 08 01 18

EmailForward.MX is a family-owned business based in Singapore, offering a reliable, secure, and user-friendly email forwarding service.

Key features

EmailForward.MX provides the following key features to enhance your email forwarding experience:

  • Domain-based Email Forwarding: Set up email forwarding to receive messages with your domain name, adding a professional touch to your communication.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Enjoy added security with two-factor authentication, ensuring only authorized users can access and manage email forwarding settings.
  • Blackhole Feature: The blackhole feature enhances the authenticity of the service by catching all email aliases that do not forward, streamlining your email management.


2023 08 01 17

EmailForward.MX offers reasonably priced premium plans to cater to your specific needs:

  • Starter Plan: €5/month
  • Pro: €9/month
  • Business:€15/month

Pros and Cons

Consider the advantages and potential drawbacks of using EmailForward.MX’s email forwarding service:


  • Secure and Fast: EmailForward.MX prioritizes security and speed to ensure efficient email forwarding for your domain.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Enjoy the peace of mind of added security with two-factor authentication, safeguarding your email forwarding settings.
  • Flexible Plans: With reasonably priced premium plans, EmailForward.MX caters to various requirements, making it accessible to different users.


  • Limited Domains: While the Starter Plan offers a cost-effective option, it does come with a limitation on the number of domains and aliases.

Overall Thoughts

EmailForward.MX provides a secure and straightforward email forwarding solution for users seeking to receive and forward emails with their domain name.

The inclusion of two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection to ensure the messages reach the intended recipients securely. With flexible and reasonably priced premium plans, EmailForward.MX caters to a range of users, making it a solid choice for those looking for a fast, secure, and budget-friendly email forwarding service.

12. SimpleLogin

2023 08 02

SimpleLogin is an open-source email forwarding service designed to protect your online privacy and ensure inbox organization. By creating email aliases with custom domain names, you can subscribe to various services without disclosing your actual email address.

Key Features

  • Email Aliases: Generate custom email aliases to keep your real email address private while still receiving messages in your original inbox.
  • Reverse Alias: Respond to emails using a reverse alias to safeguard your identity and maintain anonymity.
  • Compartmentalization: Prioritize and organize emails by instantly redirecting them to specific aliases.


2023 08 02 1
  • Free Plan: The free version offers 10 aliases, unlimited replies/sending from aliases, and one mailbox. It includes browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, along with mobile app support for iOS and Android. Secure your account with Time-Based One-Time Passwords for added protection.
  • Premium Plan: For $30 per year, upgrade to the premium service with unlimited aliases, unlimited custom domains, and the ability to create reverse aliases. The premium plan also provides 5 subdomains and an unlimited number of mailboxes, along with PGP encryption for enhanced security.

Pros and Cons


  • Privacy and Security: Safeguard your real email address with custom aliases and PGP encryption.
  • Organizational Efficiency: Easily manage and prioritize emails with SimpleLogin’s forwarding capabilities.
  • Flexible Plans: Choose between a free plan and an affordable premium plan based on your needs.


  • Learning Curve: Some users may require time to familiarize themselves with the setup and management of aliases.

Overall Thoughts

SimpleLogin offers an effective solution to enhance online privacy and inbox organization. Its free plan provides essential features, while the premium plan caters to users seeking a more comprehensive email forwarding service. By leveraging custom domain aliases and reverse aliases, users can enjoy better control over their email communication.

SimpleLogin’s commitment to open-source development further ensures transparency and trust in its services.

13. Fastmail

2023 08 02 2

Fastmail is a privacy-focused email forwarding service that offers reliable solutions for both personal and professional needs. With a range of plans to choose from, users can enjoy essential features, expert support, and ample storage.

Key Features

  • Privacy-First Approach: Fastmail prioritizes user privacy, ensuring no ads or tracking to protect your data.
  • Alias Addresses: Create over 600 alias addresses for added privacy and organization.
  • Masked Email: Keep your real address hidden with a Masked Email to protect your identity.
  • Cross-Platform Support: Access Fastmail on the web, mobile app, and third-party applications like Outlook and iPhone Mail.
  • Customization: Choose from custom themes and dark mode, and organize emails using folders or labels.
  • Migration Tools: Seamlessly move emails from your old provider to Fastmail.


2023 08 02 3

Fastmail offers a range of flexible plans designed to cater to various requirements, ensuring you can choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

  • Basic Plan: For $3 per user/month, the basic plan offers 2GB of storage per user, expert support, and 600+ alias addresses.
  • Standard Plan: Priced at $5 per user/month, the standard plan includes 30GB of storage per user and all the features of the basic plan.
  • Professional Plan: At $9 per user/month, the professional plan provides 100GB of storage per user, an email retention archive, and pro options.

Pros and Cons

Fastmail provides robust privacy and security features alongside user-friendly interfaces, making it a top choice for email forwarding. However, users should consider the absence of a permanent free plan as they explore its premium offerings.


  • Privacy and Security: No ads or tracking, and the option to use alias addresses for enhanced privacy.
  • Ease of Use: Fastmail is user-friendly and compatible with various devices and applications.
  • Ample Storage: Choose from plans with different storage capacities to suit your needs.


  • Limited Free Plan: Fastmail offers free trials but doesn’t have a permanent free plan for long-term use.

Overall Thoughts

Fastmail is a reliable choice for individuals and businesses seeking secure and efficient email forwarding services. With a privacy-first approach, extensive alias address options, and customizable features, Fastmail provides a seamless and protected email experience.

Users can select from a variety of plans based on their storage requirements and enjoy professional support to cater to their unique needs.


The best email forwarding service depends on your specific needs and preferences. Mailgun, Forward Email, and ImprovMX are popular choices known for their security, privacy features, and ease of use, making them excellent options for email forwarding in 2023.

Email forwarding can benefit your business by centralizing multiple email accounts, creating a unified inbox for efficient management. It also allows you to use a custom domain, enhancing your brand’s professional image and simplifying communication with clients and customers.

Yes, there are free email forwarding services available. Some of the most popular ones are ImprovMX, ForwardMX, and Gmail. These services offer basic email forwarding features and can be a good starting point for users on a budget.

That being said, opting for a reliable provider like Mailgun for an optimal email management experience is highly recommended.

Email forwarding services simply forward incoming emails from one address to another, allowing centralization. In contrast, email hosting provides the infrastructure for hosting and managing email accounts directly on a server, offering additional features like email storage, spam filtering, and email synchronization across devices.


That’s it for the 13 best email forwarding services of 2024. We’ve explored a diverse range of options, from feature-rich platforms to budget-friendly solutions, to help you find the perfect fit for your email needs.

With these top-rated services, you can enhance your productivity, safeguard your privacy, and streamline your communication.

In conclusion, email forwarding services play a crucial role in managing and organizing your email communication.

Whether you’re a business professional, developer, or individual user, these services offer valuable features to streamline your email workflow and protect your data.

If you’re interested in exploring more tech-related topics, be sure to check out my article on the best web hosting services.

Thanks for taking the time to read this comprehensive guide, and I hope it has helped you discover the ideal email forwarding service for your specific requirements.

Thanks for your attention, and happy emailing!

Which of these email forwarding services will you be choosing?

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